Eversholt Archaeology

Iain Dickson undertook an archaeological survey of Eversholt in 2013, as part of his research towards an MSc degree at Oxford University.

Iain completed his dissertation, and has kindly given us permission to republish it here. The pdf is attached at the bottom of this page and you can download the entire document there.

This is the only known investigation into the Archaeology of Eversholt.

Thank you very much, Iain, and congratulations!

Iain Dickson wrote the following appeal in March 2013. The project is now complete.

Are you interested in the History of Eversholt?
Would you like to help with a project which intends to discover more about the early origin of Eversholt?
My name is Iain Dickson I am currently studying at Oxford University and looking for people willing to help with an archaeological project I am carrying out in Eversholt.
As you may know Eversholt is mentioned in Domesday Book but it is uncertain precisely where the first settlement or settlements lay. Was it in one of the Ends and if so which one?  
My project will involve a small number of archaeological evaluation trenches dug in and around the ends of Eversholt.  These evaluation trenches or ‘test pits’ would involve excavating a small 1 metre square area down to either bedrock or a maximum of 600mm depth to see if there is any evidence for earlier human activity.
There could be evidence for that early settlement in your back garden. 
If you would like to help with my project and possibly find out more about your bit of Eversholt please contact me at one of the following:
Day time Telephone 0207 944 3904
Evening Telephone 01525 384407

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