2011-06-05 Big Lunch

Isn’t it amazing that we still don’t know many of the people that live on our doorstep? This is your chance to put faces to the names, or simply be amazed at meeting people you’ve never heard of, but that live just a few doors down the road.

For the third year running, people on Tyrells End and Hills End will organise a Big Lunch to bring neighbours together. The idea is to share nice food, talk, play games, get to know each other better.

So we are inviting EVERYBODY from Hills End and Tyrells End to join us on Sunday the 5th of June. Somewhere behind Tyrells End, or in the Village Hall, if it rains. Bring a dish and a bottle, maybe a flowery table cloth and some bunting, if you fancy. We’ll try to organise some games suitable for people from 0 to 100 (really!).

If you want to join, find out more, or help, please contact Fritha Fletcher (280761) or Nathalie Muller (280308), or email tyrellsendlunch@gmail.com.

The Big Lunch is a nation-wide event, encouraged by people from the Eden Project, amongst others. The Big Lunch website gives all the background and tips how to organise your own: http://www.thebiglunch.com/

Here are two pictures from the last years.


The Big Lunch

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