Parish Path Map

The Parish Path Map was created and published in 2003 by a small team of volunteers. They had the modest goal of making the “best map in the world for walking in Eversholt”. It’s a bit out of date, since some of the stiles have changed into gates and there are some new footpaths, but it’s still the best there is. A pdf of the map is attached at the bottom of this page, intended for printing at A3 size.

Making the Parish Path Map

Emrys Williams wrote an article in 2005 for publication, describing how the Parish Path Map was created. Unfortunately, its review process stalled, and it was never published. So, the article may contain errors. But it is published as an attachment below.

Volunteers Wanted!

The Parish Path Map needs updating to reflect the changes in footpaths, fields and buildings since 2003. A small team is needed! Who would like to help? Volunteer by adding a post below!


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