The 1808 Enclosure Map

Mike Clarke provided this copy of the 1808 Enclosure Map. The Enclosure Act was passed in Parliament in 1806, appointing a commissioner to redistribute land around Eversholt. The commissioner produced a map among other documents. It’s a poor photo of a very poor paper copy, and its thumbnail won’t work. Click the image below for a 5Mbyte jpeg.


Because that map is on the limit of usability, it’s been photographed in two halves. These may be more legible.
To the best of our belief, copyright expired in this map many years ago.
Emrys Williams, sad sack that he is, took the enclosure map and drew the information about who got what onto the Parish Paths Map, which produces something more intelligible to the modern eye. Here’s the result (click for a much larger version):
map6e_enc copy
The people who were given land were
                The Duke of Bedford
1 Dame Elizabeth Monoux
2 The Rector
3 W F Bury
4 William Butcher
5 ? Stephenson
6 Susannah Brinklow
7 Tim Deacon
8 I Barnwell
9 T Marsh
10 William Bullock
11 I Morris
12 W Wainright
13 John Gregory
14 Mary Gregory
15 James Potts
16 John Parker
17 The trustees of the town estates
18 I Stanford
19 Robert Poulton
20 William Poulton
21 John Welsh
22 John Daniel Junior
23 William Deacon
25 Mary Purratt
I now do have a photographic copy of the handwritten notes that go with this map. They’re written in 1808 legalese, and the photos are not perfect. If you’d like to help by transcribing them, please leave a message below.
Iain Dickson provided those photo records, and also provided an excel spreadsheet of who owned what att he time of enclosure. Thank you, Iain! Here it is:
I believe that that the numbers on that spreadsheet match the field numbers on the enclosure map above, and give much interesting information. The old field names are tabulated in full.

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