Where does the Brook go?

The Brook. A nice little stream that flows in at one end of Eversholt, near Milton Bryan, and flows out at the other, near Flitwick.

But… where does it come from? Where does it go?
It’s fairly easy to answer these questions with a map, but it’s much more fun on the ground. As my own contribution to the fine art of experimental tourism, I spent a day trying to follow the brook from Eversholt to the sea. Our Brook flows into the River Flit, then the River Ivel, then into the River Great Ouse. I didn’t get all the way, but had fun getting to St Neots. Lots of the route is pretty scruffy, and everywhere seems plastered with notices telling you not to do something. What was a revelation to me was the importance of the brook as a power source. Water mills were built all the way from Eversholt to the sea, each working off a drop in water level of a metre or two. Most have disappeared, but the associated weirs, ponds and races are still there. After all the mills were built, a navigation was built, allowing barges to travel from the sea up to Shefford, and all the mill races had to be bypassed with locks. All this can still be seen.

Click this link to go to a Google Photos Album, complete with Geotags, showing the journey. That was supposed to have a map showing all the photos, but I can’t make that work. So maybe this gallery below will be easier. Click on each thumbnail for a full sized photo.

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