1833 Education Return

This snippet is from Accounts and Papers, Fifteen Volumes, and is from the section on Education Returns for 1833. It’s definitely our Eversholt, because it’s sandwiched between Edworth and Everton.

1833 education return

This is from before the period when the current village school was established, so this must be an earlier school, in a different place. But it seems to have served the needs of the village, educating 30 children, boys and girls, some at public expense. I wonder where it was? Who taught there?
And a separate girls’ school? Where was that, I wonder?
If the parish population is 901, it might be expected that there were perhaps 150 children aged from 5 to 15 in the village. Not many of them were going to school!
The £10 endowment may be the £10 customarily paid to a schoolmaster from the village charity.

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