An IRA Arms Dump in Eversholt!

It sounds unlikely, but an IRA arms dump was discovered in Eversholt in 1973.

The Times of 1974-11-29 carried a report on an investigation into police mishandling of the case of Kenneth John Lennon, a police informer. The investigation concluded that there was no police malpractice. Lennon offered the police information on the IRA for money.

Lennon disclosed the identity of the “Luton Three”, IRA members planning attacks in England. The three were arrested and sentenced to ten years in jail. Lennon continued to spy, and learnt that the three had left arms dumped in “King’s Hall Wood” in Eversholt – perhaps Kingshoe Wood, which is the area opposite the turning to Wake’s End.

The police found the arms buried 18 inches deep. There were “shotguns, ammunition, a home-made timing mechanism for an explosive device, military training manuals and other incriminating documents.”

Lennon was murdered in 1974.


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