Berry End Bungalow

These images were contributed by Martin Woolhead.
The building shown is the bungalow in Berry End which is still there in 2015.

Berry End Bungalow 2

Berry End Bungalow 1

It’s not known who took the photos, or when, or even in what order, although the photos are clearly some years apart. Any ideas? Click on each image for a much bigger version of the picture.
In 2015, there is an ugly power-line pole, with a transformer bolted on, in front of the bungalow. Electricity is wonderful, apart from the ugliness. The position of these poles is remarkably long-lived, even if the poles themselves have been replaced. It’s quite possible that pole has been there since the 1930s, when electricity came to Eversholt. Both the pictures above must predate the pole.
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