The 1948 Document

This document from the Charity Commission allowed the Charity to increase the pay to the clerk.

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Printed document provided by James Nott. Photography, OCR and transcription by Emrys Williams.

The transcription has had line breaks, font and hyphenation amended, but capitalisation, spelling and other punctuation should be as in the original.


cc19480504 – click for a 1Mbyte photographic copy


Sealed 4th May 1948.
County – BEDFORD.
Ancient Parish – EVERSHOLT,
Charity – PAROCHIAL.
Scheme further varying Scheme of Charity Commissioners.
In the Matter of the Charity called the EVERSHOLT PAROCHIAL CHARITY, in the Ancient Parish of EVERSHOLT, in the County of BEDFORD, regulated by a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners of the 19th February 1878 as varied by a Scheme of the said Commissioners of the 14th January 1887 (exclusive of that part of the Charity determined by an Order made by the Commissioners on the 7th August 1903 under the Board of Education Act, 1899, s.2(2) to be held for educational purposes); and

In the Matter of the Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1939.

THE BOARD OF CHARITY COMMISSIONERS FOR ENGLAND. AND WALES, upon an application made to them on the 20th May 1947, in writing, signed by
The Reverend WILLIAM GEORGE DEAN PITT MERCER , Rector of the Parish of Eversholt,
PRED WATSON, of Water End Farm, Farmer,
CECIL BRETT, of Church End,Master Baker and Confectioner,
ARCHIBALD, SYDNEY WOODLAND, Farmer, all in Eversholt,
a majority of the Trustees of the above-mentioned Charity:
AND after due notice of the intention to make this Order published according to the direction of the Board by being affixed to or near a principal outer door of the Parish Church of Eversholt on the 14th October 1947 and by advertisement in the newspaper called the Woburn Reporter on the 21st October 1947 (being in each case more than one calendar month before the date hereof); and also sent through the post to
RALPH WATSON, of The Wakes, Farmer,
JOSEPH SIMPSON, of the Post Office, Grocer and Sub-Postmaster,
ARCHIBALD HULL, of Ramble Cottage, Forestry Foreman, and
WILLIAM EWART WALLER, of The Causeway, Hat Manufacturer,
all in Eversholt, being those of the Trustees of the Charity who were not privy to the said application, at their respective last known places of abode in Great Britain or Ireland, on the 24th February 1948:
AND having received no notice of any objection to the proposed Order or suggestion for the variation thereof:
DO HEREBY ORDER as follows:-
The subjoined Scheme is approved and established as a Scheme further varying the above-mentioned Scheme of the 19th February 1878.


1. The above-mentioned Scheme of the 19th February 1878 (hereinafter referred to as the Principal Scheme) as varied by the above-mentioned Scheme of the 14th January 1887 is hereby further varied so as to give effect to the provisions hereinafter contained.
2. In clause 15 of the Principal Scheme the words “the Trustees may appoint some fit persons to be their Clerk, and to hold office during their pleasure and may pay to him such salary as may from time to time be approved by the Charity Commissioners” are substituted for the words “the Trustees may appoint any suitable person to act as Clerk, at an annual salary not exceeding £10; but every such officer shall be removable by them at their pleasure”.
3. Any question as to the construction of this Scheme or of the Principal Scheme as varied by the said Scheme of the 14th January 1887 or as hereby further varied or as to the regularity or the validity of any acts done or about to be done under any of the said Schemes shall be determined conclusively by the Charity Commissioners upon such application made to them for the purpose as they think sufficient.
Sealed by Order of the Board this 4th   day
of May 1948.
L. S.

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