G Bence Smith

G Bence Smith ran the post office and general stores from sometime after 1903 to sometime before 1914. That’s a sufficiently odd name that it’s likely to be the same chap who ran Gray’s Stores, 32 High Street, Eltham SE9, from 1919 to 1923 (and possibly outside those dates too) because he’s in the 19191922 and 1923 phone books. Lee Green 798, but I don’t think he’ll answer. [Ancestry login needed for those links, sorry.]

Here is the information from the 1911 census for the Post Office in Church End. The building was stated as having 8 rooms.

 Name  Relation  Age  Status years married  children born alive  children still alive  Occupation  Employer  Born
 Gerald Bence Smith  Head  39  married  Grocer  working on own acount  Devizes Wiltshire
 Annie Mary Bence Smith  Wife  39  married  14  1  1  Bristol Gloucestershire
 Ida Marie Bence Smith daughter  11  school  Bristol Gloucestershire
 Leslie Charles Bence Smith  son  7  Eversholt
 Edgar Unreadable Bence Smith  son  2  Eversholt

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