Evangelists and Prophets

These paintings are, of course, all by Edward Aveling Green.

The Evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Prophets shown are Moses and Elijah. I hope I have all these sorted out correctly – I (EJW) am the last person you should ask about biblical symbolism! I found hints in this article and looked them up on Wikipedia.

These images are painted on canvas. Each canvas is stretched in a cane circular frame. The canvases hang to either side of the aisle. The large images are about a metre across. The small images below each show a symbol traditionally representative of the person shown.

These photos were all taken by me, Emrys Williams, in June 2016, standing on the opposite side of the aisle to the painting, as close as I could get to directly opposite each one. The paintings are up high, below the clerestory, so the view is foreshortened. The pictures shown here have not been corrected for perspective, but they have all been photoshopped to improve the exposure and enhance the contrast. All the photos were taken with a camera-mounted direct flash. The colour and contrast of these images is enhanced compared to seeing the real thing – the paintings have faded, and the natural light is not good in the church. I’ve done this because I think they are very beautiful (your opinion may differ) and I wanted to show them in a decent light.

These jpegs here are published under a CC-BY-SA4.0 licence. If you reuse anything here, you must credit Emrys Williams as the photographer, and you must permit others to reuse the images you publish. Click for full-size images.

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