Plaque of People Praying

This brass plaque was discovered during restoration of Eversholt Church in 1864. It is currently on display in the chancel. Click for a full resolution version.

People Praying
People Praying

I (EJW) hunted for similar images online and found this one, from the Norfolk Churches website run by Simon Nott:

Thanks very much, Simon, for permission to reproduce. The picture below is copyright Simon Nott, please go to his site for reuse information.

Felthorpe Boys, 1454
Felthorpe Boys, 1454

That comes from this page , where it is labelled “Felthorpe Boys, 1454”. The Felthorpes were a Norfolk family. The engraving is remarkably similar. The pleats in the skirts, the folds in the arms, the hats, the collars, the shoes, the overlapping feet, the belts… I will try to find out more about that Norfolk picture.

I also looked at The Monumental Brasses Of England. provides this picture of an individual in similar style:

Robert Skerne and Wife

The man has the same depiction of hair, collar, cuffs and feet, and similar pleats in his skirt. That picture is dated 1437, so the style definitely supports a date in the 1400s.


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