George Edwards

George Edwards was rector of Eversholt from 18 August 1557 until 1559, when Edward Bune arrived. That was a turbulent time in English religion, so maybe there is an interesting story behind that short tenure. He was appointed by a Thomas Johnson. CCED says that George’s patron was “Thomas Johnson, by reason of an assignment made to him by Robert Rowley, William Aprice, William Smythe and Thomas Warde by virtue of the advowson made to them by the prior and convent of St. John of Jeruslaem and the ‘confrater’ of the same.” George was appointed in 1557, when Mary I was on the throne and trying to suppress the church of England and reinstate catholicism, so George may have been deprived of his living in 1558, when Elizabeth I came to the throne, because he was the wrong sort of Christian. A William Aprice was thrown in the tower twice in 1584. I wonder if that was the same one, because he was a catholic?

Maybe there’s another interesting story behind this entry in the List of Early Chancery Proceedings Preserved in the Public Record Office:

Thomas GARRETT v. George EDWARDES, parson of Eversholt, and Thomas POTTES alias Johnson.

Lease of the parsonage of Eversholt promised for complainant’s trouble in educating the said Edwardes and obtaining him the presentation thereto. Bedford.

This is just an index, and the record of the lawsuit is not online. Apparently, Thomas Garrett educated and promoted Edwards for the position, or paid for it, in return for a promise to be leased the house that came with the job. He was having trouble collecting. On which side of this case Thomas Pottes or Johnson stood is not clear.

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