John Sandys, rector of Eversholt

John Sandys was appointed rector of Eversholt on 5 June 1766 and remained there until his death on 16 April 1810, according to CCED. He was, presumably [actually this is very dubious – EJW], the son of Samuel Sandys, first Baron Sandys, and Laetitia Tipping, who owned the advowson at the time. They acquired the advowson from the Earl of Orford some time between 1721, when the Earl appointed Pusey Hancock, and 1742, when the Sandys appointed Luke Morgan. They married on 9 June 1725. Laetita inherited Orford’s estate in 1727, which must have been very nice for her, and that would have included the advowson at Eversholt. Surprisingly, their full family tree isn’t in the obvious places online, and not even at this extensive family history site. Aha! Here is a more extensive tree, although its reliability is unknown. It does include a John Sandys, alleged to have died in Gernany.

John Sandys, rector of Eversholt, was appointed curate of Bourton on 18 July 1752. He was ordained as a priest 6 Mar 1757, when he was listed as already having a BA from Trinity College Oxford. He was appointed rector of Eversholt on 5 Jun 1766 and died 16 Apr 1810 [this date seems wrong, it came from CCED, but he was buried the previous year!].

Samuel Sandys’s will is available online . As is that of John Sandys. I [EJW] have transcribed both of these in my attempt to sort out all these Sandys people.

John Sandys, rector of Eversholt, is not to be confused with John Sandys, curate of Eversholt! Presumably, this was a son of the rector (although this too is obscure) appointed curate of Eversholt in 1781 and rector of Milton Bryan from 1798 until his death on 20 Feb 1811. When he was ordained as a deacon on 23 Dec 1781, he also already had a BA from Trinity College Oxford. The CCED records refer to him as “John Sandys the younger” in one place. He is mentioned separately at
[no title]  ER 12/39/5  1799
Draft release by Sir John Mordaunt, Walton, bart., and Rev. John Sandys the younger, Eversholt, Beds., (trustees for sale in the will, 4 December 1795, of Samuel Aylworth, Halford, esq.) to Edmund Battersbee, Stratford-upon-Avon, esq., and Francis Findon, Shipston-on-Stour, gent., for £1155 of messuage in occupation James Beaman and closes (named) of 74 acres in occupation William Newland.
John Sandys did have a son called Samuel (just to avoid confusion) who went to Rugby school in 1774.
It’s not clear why the entry on the rectors page of this website has John Sandys listed as “John, BA” in one place. This may actually be a mistake in the display in the church. Someone should go and check!

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