John Wickham

John Wickham was rector from 1571 to 1576.

provides the record of Wickham’s arrival and departure.
John Wickham,*  cl., compounded for the firstfruits of the rectory of Eversholt, 13 Oct., 1571. (Comp.).
* No evidence of his admission has been found.
A.D. 1575. 
Maurice Faukner,’* cl., presented 15 July, 1575, 17 Eliz., to the rectory of  Eversholte. P. — the queen, by lapse, on the petition and recommendation of  the master of St. John’s College, Cambridge. (Lansdowne MS. 443, folio 228d)

The implication is that Wickham was due to become rector, but never turned up! It took 4 years to appoint a replacement.

The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society mention that Gabriel Grene was curate in Eversholt during 1571 to 1573 and perhaps for longer, paying, it seems, 6s 8d for the privilege. Per year? Per week? Presumably, he made a living out of the collection in church, and sent a portion off to the diocese for the privilege of doing so. CCED notes he was curate in 1572, 1573 and 1574.

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