Michael O’Clare

Michael O’Clare is listed as rector of Eversholt from 1770 to 1810 in the record displayed in the church. The National Archives list has him licensed to curacy on 26 Mat 1770 and staying until 1810. They’re both wrong!

The increasingly authoritative (and now actually increasingly functional) CCED seems quite convincing that he was appointed curate in Eversholt on 26 May 1770, then appointed rector of Maidford on 24 May 1772, a position he held until his death on 17 May 1798. John Sandys was Rector of Eversholt throughout this period.
There is a fascinating account here that only tends to confirm one’s general impressions of Eversholt rectors – O’Clare took a gun to a neighbour in Maidford, fled the parish, and had a warrant issued for his arrest by the Sheriff of Nottingham! It’s a long webpage, search within the page with ctrl-F on a PC or cmd-F on a mac for O’Clare. Perhaps it’s just as well that he wasn’t appointed rector of Eversholt.

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