Robert de Useflete or Robert Ouseflet or Ousefleet or Usflete

Rectors today are not what they used to be. Sessions of the peace of Bedfordshire, 1355-1359, 1363-1364, published by HMSO in 1969, is not properly available online, despite we, as taxpayers, having paid for it. However, It’s possible to poke around in it with Google snippet view, to find this marvellous piece of scandal. It’s originally in Latin, then translated into English, then OCRed, then hacked about by EJW, so be warned. Robert de Useflete was Rector of Eversholt from 1351 to 1366. Apparently, he continued as rector long after the court case about him committing murder.

Robert Ouseflet, Parson of Eversholt, at Eversholt, beat, wounded and maltreated John Cholly. Walter de la Chambre and Thomas Parker of Eaton Ford, armed with a royal commission, came to arrest Robert, but he fled to the rectory, armed himself with bows and arrows, and feloniously killed Thomas Parker. He was aided by his servants, Reginald and Richard. Walter and his companions raised the hue and cry. All indictments were sent to chancery on the following writ of mandamus to Reginald de Grey.
Isabel, widow of Thomas Shelford Parker of Eaton Ford, appealed Robert de Ouseflet parson of Eversholt, Thomas le Wright of Dunstable, and Robert Atte Brok painter for the death of her husband in the King’s Bench, Easter 1357; KB 387 rex m 26d; Michaelmas 1357, made a fine for 1/2 mark for failure to proceed on the appeal; ibid, 389, rex, m 2d; fines, m 3d.
If anyone understands what is going on here, can they please let us know?
And Someone Did! Raymond E O Ella and Marie Ella seem to know more about the Usflete family than anyone else, and have made extensive contributions to the Goole On the Web website. They point out that “…in 1335 there was an Archdeacon of Norfolk named Robert de Usflete. He is documented “being from Ousfleet” (Ousefleet).” Usflete or Ousefleet is a village on the south bank of the Humber in Yorkshire. The de Usflete family was very prominent in the 1300s. They also note, “St.George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle: Thomas de Usefleet was made Dean of the Great Chapel, 16th of May, 1328.” So at least some in the de Usflete family were very prominent in the church. I [EJW] can’t see our Robert in the Goole site.
There is a record of the case being heard on 1360-06-29 at Westminster (click for a big version):
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