Evacuees in Eversholt

Maurice Kachuk wrote to Eversholt2 to say that his mum, Winifred Bunker, was born in Eversholt. He wrote:

 You have no mention on your site of the evacuees who came to Eversholt during the war. One of these taught my mum to tap dance outside her house in the road. They used to do little shows I think in the reading room?  Then when I came along, a long time later, not only did I learn the cossack dancing, mum taught me to tap dance.  The rest as they say is history, I’ve danced all my life, clocking up 30 years as a professional dancer/singer/actor. I have a dance studio in Ampthill where I teach too.  She cant remember the name of the evacuee who taught her. That’s always been a shame  I think. Have a lot to thank her for!

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