Eversholt Odds And Ends

In (about) 1991, Richard Ireland and Wendy Featherstone wrote, and Ruth Boothby beautifully illustrated, Eversholt Odds And Ends, a delightful wander through the village past and present. Printed copies are still (just, in 2021) available to buy in the church.

In 2021, the authors gave permission to reproduce the book online, so Great Thanks to Richard, Wendy and Ruth! They’ve kindly allowed it to be published here under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. That means that you can copy it, republish it, modify it, do whatever you want, but it has to be noncommercial (you can’t charge for it) and you have to say who wrote it (Richard Ireland, Wendy Featherstone and Ruth Boothby) and whatever you make with it has to be published under the same licence.

You can read the book in the little pdf reader below, or choose to download it to your own computer and read it there.

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  1. My Great Great Great Grandfather Antonio Tacchi married my Great Great Great Grandmother Ann Butcher a woman from this village in St John’s in April 1811. I am visiting today for the first time.

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