Eversholt Baptisms

This spreadsheet is the list of Eversholt baptisms from about 1602 to 1812. It is similar to, but not a copy of, the printed transcript of the parish registers published by Beds County Council.

“Original Date” is the date of baptism stated in the parish register. For dates before 14 September 1752, the registers use the Julian Calendar. From that date on, they use the Gregorian Calendar. The “Original Calendar” column tells which calendar was in use. The “Extended Gregorian Date” is the date of baptism expressed as though today’s Gregorian calendar had always been in use. This helps when comparing two dates to find out which is earlier, or in working out the day of the week, since the spreadsheet can only compute with the Gregorian Calendar. The “day” column tells what day of the week the baptism occurred on.
“Name of baptised” is the name given in the register. “Baptised gender” is a best guess at the gender based on the register entry, which sometimes gives gender, and on the name. “Father of baptised” and “Mother of baptised” are probably obvious. If an “Original date born” is given, that date will be in the calendar in use at the date born.
“Base” tells if the person was listed as “base”, or the child of a woman who was not married.
The meaning of the “reg only” column is not clear.

Anyone can use this webpage to search for names in the register using the browser Find function, usually under the Edit – Find menu of whatever browser is in use.
Anyone can view this spreadsheet directly here and download it in various spreadsheet formats for further analysis. Anyone logged into a google account should be able to make their own editable copy of the google spreadsheet, too.

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