Land for sale, 1806


Some Selected Reports from The Northampton Mercury (Printed and Published by and for T.E.Dicey and W.Sutton) Saturday, March 15th, 1806

Freehold Estates, Eversholt, Bedfordshire

On Saturday, March the 22d, 1806, at the Sign of the Green-Man, in Eversholt aforesaid, between the Hours of Three and Five o’Clock in the Afternoon (unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given),
SIX neat well-built TENEMENTS, with a Wood-Barn, Pigstye, and Garden to each; a Pump of excellent Water, and a Bakehouse, with an Oven, for the Use of the Whole; situated in, and known by the Name of, NEW-END, near to the Church, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid; all in good Repair, and lett to respectable Tenants at Will; and will be sold in two Lots.
Likewise, a small PIGHTLE of old SWEARD LAND, containing one Acre, more or less, well fenced, with a Stable to Ditto; and at HILL’S-END, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid, THREE substantial TENEMENTS (which have lately gone through a complete Repair), with a Wood-Barn, and Piece of Garden Ground to each, pleasantly situated on the Road leading to Woburn, in the Tenure of Thomas BurgessRichard Evans, and Mrs. Stapleton·- Also, ONE other TENEMENT, near to the said Premises, with Wood-Barn, Garden, &c. in the Occupation of Isaac Peper.- Likewise, adjoining the last-mentioned Tenement, a rich PLOT of GARDEN GROUND, fenced round, and planted with fruit Trees, containing 26 Poles, more or less.

The Whole will be sold in six Lots.
* * * For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to the Auctioneer, Woburn, Beds; or to Mr.EAGLES, Solicitor, Ampthill.

A pightle was a small field, enclosure or paddock. Sweard land is sward-land, ground covered with grass or low vegetation. A pole was a measure of length, about 5m, and the land here is probably being measured in square poles. One square pole is about 25 square metres, so the garden was about 650 square metres, or a square 25 metres on a side.
Any idea where these properties were? Why they were sold? What happened to the inhabitants? Was the Green Man beside the church back then? Tell us!

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