1932-10-05 Parish Council Report


14 October 1932

Bedfordshire Times and Independent

British Newspaper Archive

Eversholt Parish Council recreation ground pavilion to be public property

The parish council met on 5th October, all members being present. The clerk reported that he had again written to the Eastern National Bus Company expressing regret at the failure to provide the services asked for. He had asked whether there was any hope of the required facilities being granted, as, if not, the council would approach another company. To this letter he had not yet received an answer.

Promises had been received that the style by the Falcon public house, and a bridge that Brooke would be attended to. Further enquiries are to be made regarding the footbridge on the path from the red lion 220.

Ampthill Rural District Council asked whether the parish council wished the naming of streets and the numbering of houses to be carried out, but it was agreed that this was unnecessary. It was reported by the Luton electrical engineer that the survey of Eversholt and Tingrith was practically completed. The narrow lanes and scattered properties had caused considerable difficulty in devising an economical scheme for supplying these parishes. The chairman said that there was hope that the current would be supplied to Eversholt in the not too distant future.

The clerk reported that the council was not exempt from the payment of Schedule A income tax on the baths and recreation ground. The Baths and Recreation Ground Committee reported that, though this was a good season and the baths were well used, the expenses exceeded the receipts, the figures being £5 14s and £5.

A letter from the secretary of the cricket club enclosed two suggested designs for the proposed sports pavilion, indicated the site considered suitable by the club. It was decided that a building erected on public property by funds raised from the public must become public property and come under the control of the council. It was further agreed that the project was worthy of help, and a meeting of the council will be held on the ground to confer with representatives of the club. A formal agreement will then be drawn up between the council and club as to the use and upkeep of the pavilion.

Attention was again called to the bad state of the path leading into Two Lands from Tyrells End, and the clerk was instructed to write again to the Duke’s agent.

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