Cecil Brett, Eversholt’s Baker

Cecil Brett baked bread for Eversholt in the house next to the church, now called the Old Bakery.

Jim Turvey leant these heirlooms to copy for the website.  Thanks very much, Jim. Click for bigger pictures.

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  1. My memory of the bakery relates to one Bonfire Night before 1965; I was born in 1957! For some reason I, probably with my parents, was visiting the Battcock family at Witts End Close. My father, Cecil Vowe Peake, was a cousin of Hester Battcocck.
    The bakery was presumably opened that evening to supply fare to those attending the village’s bonfire. From memory the bonfire was on the field somewhere near the cricket square! I can remember standing and watching events from the pavillion near the Church and seeing the light and flames reflecting and dancing on the black and white paint of the pavillion. On venturing to the bakery the smell of the bread, and I’m sure other nice things to eat that emananted from the brilliantly-lit bakery doorway that cold evening, has lived with me ever since. When vsiting today, the sight of the building still stirs happy memories of an idyllic and exciting childhood evening!!

  2. Cevil Brett made excellent bread, which, when we lived at Brook End, was delivered to us by Nellie Impey, Don’s mum, in a huge basket under her arm.Unsold bread went to Ted Jarvis, the butcher which he used for making his sausages.

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