John Chance

John Chance left his testimony in a bizarre correspondence about what nowadays would be called libel. Observations on the correspondence between mr. Adam and mr. Bowles was published in 1804. John Chance gave oral testimony which was written down and read back to him. John Chance was employed as a labourer by the Duke. Presumably, he’s the John Chance who was baptised in Eversholt church on 31 July 1768.

John Chance, of Eversholt.— Worked for the Duke of Bedford in the park of Woburn for twelve years, first under Collier, then under Mr. Farey—commenced with Mr. Farey in March 1800—Cowhill pond was emptied while he was working under Collier; but not cleaned out; does not remember the year—The labour of emptying it was not on a Sunday; he never knew Mr. Collier employ any men to work on a Sunday, except once, when the snow fell on the top of Woburn Abbey, and wasted so fast that the pipes could not carry it off, and it run into the rooms—Does not know that any body was employed in taking the fish out on a Sunday—is sure they were not—When he helped to take the fish out of Cowhill Pond it was not on a Sunday—Never was employed In clearing the pond of mud on a Sunday, or saw any body else employed about that or any other business except lifting up the floating gates—that was done by Joseph Still, under Dowdeswell’s direction. 
William Adam. [he took the dictation]
John Chance.
Read over as in Gurney’s case. 
In the presence of 
Edward Platt,
Edmund Cartwright. 
Woburn Abbey, 12th August, 1803.

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