School photos

school_1Austin Fleckney thinks this picture was taken in January 1978. He thinks (left to right, back to front)
Penny Darwin (teacher), Mrs Barr Junior (dinner supervisor), Ivy Oakley (helped with reading), Sylvia Hull (dinner assistant), temp teacher (only male teacher since the war!);
[back row kids] 1,2,3,4,Christopher Fleckney,6,Leona Daw,8,9,Nick Cook,11;
[mid row kids] 1,2,3,4, Amos Turvey, 6, Gillian Fleckney, 8;
[front row] 1,2,3,? Turvey, Alan Fox, 6,7,8, Michael Gulliver. school_2Austin Fleckney thinks this is from 1976.n From left to right:
[Back row] Leona Daw,2,3,4,5,Penny Darwin (teacher);
[next to back] Wayne Creamer?, 2,3,4,5,6,7;
[next to front] 1,2,3,4,5, Robert Cushing, Christopher Fleckney;
[Front] 1, Gillian Fleckney,3,4,5,Michael Gulliver, Nick Cook, 8.

Leona Sunderland, née Daw, wrote to say she recognised herself in this picture and the 1978 one. Thank you, Leona! Anyone else, please speak up! school_parliamentDate unknown, but 1950s or 60s. School  trip to the houses of parliament. I (EJW) originally had the MP labelled as Alan Lennox-Boyd, but Chris Hawkes puts me right – it’s Sir Stephen Lewis Edmonstone Hastings, Kt, MC, MFH. That puts the date sometime after 1960. Austin Fleckney asks if the tall woman in the dark coat on the MP’s left is Celia Burton. school_19351935. Maurice Kachuk wrote to Eversholt2 to point out that the girl on the left of the seated row as we look at the photo is his mum, Winifred Bunker! She would have been 7 in 1935. The laughing chap second from the right, sitting on the floor, is Maurice’s uncle, Dennis Bunker. Thank you, Maurice.

Eversholt school 1920aTinies. The date reads Mar 2? 1920, so may have been the same day as the two photos above. This photo was contributed by David Street, who contacted us. Boys and girls kept separate and playing with oh-so-gender-appropriate toys, a farm for the boys and a dolls’ house and a crib for the girls.

David Street writes: “I think Freda [Brazier, David’s grandmother] is the one sitting on the floor on the far right and one of her sisters standing behind her. She had 3 older sisters and a younger brother so all of them are likely to be in the pictures somewhere (She would have been 9 in 1920). ”

school_girls_mar_1920 Girls, 28 March 1920. That was a Sunday; was this Sunday School?

school_boys_mar_1920Boys, March 1920. Does anyone know just where this picture was taken? Vocational training is not a new idea, it seems!

school_jan_1916January 1916. None of these children look very happy! Some of their fathers, perhaps most, were fighting and dying in WWI.

Schoolboys, about 1910This picture of boys outside Eversholt school comes from the personal photo album of William Escott Collins, rector of Eversholt from 1900 to 1937. The photo was probably taken some time between 1900 and 1910.

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