Somebody’s Party. But whose?

Jim Turvey turned up these photos and has lent them for publication. Thanks very much indeed, Jim.

At least 7 different people have had a stab at naming all these, which is great fun when they come up with different answers. It is suspected to be the 10th birthday party of the Triple Friendship Club. Date still to be confirmed.

The numbers on the annotated image below (click for a big version) correspond to the table entries below.

Number Who Notes
1 Dawn Bell  
2 Peg Evans  
3 Jan Branson / Scott  
4 Ted Gough  
5 Elsie Harris Witts End
6 Mrs Munt Tingrith Road
7 Ralph Evans  
8 Yvonne Inchbald  
9 John Fleet-Chapman New Water End
10 Margaret Fleet-Chapman Wife of John
12 Eva Evans  
13 Chris Creamer Milton Bryan
14 Grace Sibley Witts End
15 Rosemary Campbell  
16 Barbara Miles  
17 Jinnie Cooke  
18 Ivy Dixon Beckerings Park Farm, Steppingley
19 Joan Selwyn  
20 Ellen Impey  
21 Betty Coghlan New Water End
22 Mrs Dunkley Tingrith
23 Mrs Payne Tingrith
24 Mrs Moore Tingrith
25 Mrs Simpson Post Office
26 Mrs Rowson Milton Bryan
27 Dolly Kelso Tyrells End. Police house, #3?
28 Mr Kelso Husband of Dolly
29 Dolly? Creamer Milton Bryan
30 Mrs North Tingrith Road. Dawn Impey’s Gran.
31 Ted Woolhead Lower Berry End
32 Alice Chance Higher Rads End
33 Mary Woolhead  
34 Cecil Brett Bakery


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