Wild bird food for sale

I have a cheap but good quality supplier for all types of animal and pet food. Below is just a small sample of the Wild Bird food that i can supply. I get all of my bird food, dog food and chicken feed from the same wholesale supplier. I can also supply home made nest boxes and bird feeders.

Please get in touch if you want me to supply you with anything at mcanstee@sky.com
Product Weight Cost
Black Sunflower 20kg £17.79
Nyger seed 20kg £24.99
Peanuts 25kg £32.00
Suet 10kg £16.00
Wild Bird seed 20kg £8.99
Mealworms (dried) 3 litre £8.99
Fat balls 100 £12.50
Sunflower  Hearts 20kg £30.50

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