A Short history of Eversholt

“A Short History of Eversholt” is the title of a booklet by Rev C H D Grimes, published in 1926 and printed by Fisher & Sons, printers, of Woburn. It’s hard to find, but there is at least one copy in the reference section of Bedford library. It has just 20 pages.

C H D Grimes was Charles Hugh Duffy Grimes, born about 1875 in Stanton, Shropshire, and died in 1963 in Plympton, Devon, according to ancestry.com. He wrote a number of small books. He was a graduate of Jesus College, Cambridge, and was at one time principal of St John’s College, Perth, Western Australia. The fifth lecture to the college in his series on the history of the prayer book (!) is reported at length in The Western Australian for Saturday 4 October 1913. Quite what he was doing in Eversholt isn’t clear. He writes as though he is in partnership with the rector, who around 1926 would be William Escott Collins. There’s a reference to his being “English chaplain at Bruges and Ostend, formerly chaplain at Le Havre.” There are many references to him on the web. He was English rector at Vienna before WWII, and got into trouble for allowing the Duke of Windsor to read a lesson there after his abdication. He may also have been involved in the conversion of Jews to christianity to avoid a pogrom, although the details are hidden by Google Books’ benighted “snippet view”.
The book is still copyright, so isn’t reproduced here. There will be more here about the contents of this book when I get round to it.

Speak of the devil!

I (EJW) had only written the above a few days before, when I saw this news story on the BBC website:
CHD Grimes becomes famous overnight (after 70 years)!

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