The 1903 Document

This document from the Charity Commission reiterated the amount of spending on education, originally defined by the 1878 document. This was something to do with the Board of Education Act of 1899, but it’s not quite clear what. That act allowed the Crown to transfer administration of educational charities from the Charity Commission to the Board of Education. The 1948 Document mentions that it does not apply to the part of the Eversholt Charity thus hived off. Whether this has any practical effect on the affairs of the Charity is not known.

It’s available as a photographed pdf or a transcribed text document. Errors in transcription? Please leave a comment below!

Printed document provided by James Nott. Photography, OCR and transcription by Emrys Williams.

The transcription has had line breaks, font and hyphenation amended, but capitalisation, spelling and other punctuation should be as in the original.


cc19030807 – click for a 1MByte pdf photographic copy


Sealed 7th August 1903.
Charity—Town Estate, or Parochial Charity.
Order under Board of Education Act, 1899, s. 2 (2), determining Educational Endowment.
In the Matter of the Charity called The TOWN ESTATE, otherwise The PAROCHIAL CHARITY, in the Parish of EVERSHOLT, in the County of BEDFORD, regulated by Scheme of the Charity Commissioners of the 19th February 1878, as varied by Scheme of the said Commissioners of the 14th January 1887;
In the Matter of “The Board of Education Act, 1899″; and
In the Matter of ” The Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1894.”
The Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, in execution of the provisions of the Board of Education Act, 1899, s. 2 (2) :
Do hereby Order and Determine that the part of the endowment of the above-mentioned Charity which is held for, or ought to be applied to, educational purposes consists of one-third part of the net yearly income of the Charity.
Sealed by Order of the Board this 7th day of August 1903.
London: printed by Eyre and Spottiswood,
Printers to the King’s most Excellent Majesty.
For His Majesty’s Stationery Ofrice.


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