Post Office

From the 1847 Post Office Directory to the 1877 Post Office Directory, the proprietor of the Post Office and General Stores is listed as Samuel Harris. There’s also a Samuel Harris at Berry End Farm. Was he the same man?

From the 1890 Kelly’s Directory to the 1903 Kelly’s Directory the proprietor is Mrs. Ann Harris.
In the 1941 Phone Book and 1944 Phone book (sorry, login required), Joseph Simpson ran the sub-post-office at Eversholt. His number was Ridmont 35! This is the Simpson remembered by Don Impey.
In 1974 through 1982, P. McGinty ran the stores, by now listed in the phone book (sorry, login required) as “General Stores, Eversholt Sub Post Office” at Ridgmont 235.
This postcard, published by E R Lovell, shows the  post office itself. The shop finally closed in 1994. The image has been edited to restore contrast and colour from the faded paper copy. It wasn’t a colour photo, the red and green details are painted on.
old shop

Here’s the same view taken in 2009. Why do the modern things – the power lines, aerial, road markings – look ugly compared to 80 years ago?

Here’s yet another postcard showing the post office, a slightly different view. It seems possible that this was taken on the same day as the top picture – the windows are open the same amount, the curtains and blinds set in the same way.


Eversholt Post Office
The Post Office is one of many listed buildings in Eversholt.

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