New Churchyard Survey

Barbara Miles completed here survey of churchyard monuments about 15 years ago, and our records of the churchyard are becoming hard to use. So, from spring 2017 to 2019, a new survey was made.

The plan was:

  • Make a reasonable map of the churchyard, showing every monument, good enough to be able to find each grave
  • Reconcile Barbara’s survey with the new map, linking every monument Barbara found with a map reference, and noting where monuments have decayed or disappeared
  • Survey all the new monuments and add them to Barbara’s data
  • Photograph every monument (not completed yet)
  • Link the monument survey data to the photographs and the map, to easily move between them online, and find the location and image of every grave from a browser (not completed yet)
  • Produce a dead-tree printed form that can be kept at the church for people to use to find graves (in progress)
  • Archive the survey data for future use, and produce a plan for updating the survey in future. (not completed yet)

The results are at


For reference, Barbara’s 1990s survey is at

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